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Tel: +420 773 100 933

Why do we build differently?

We were looking for housing in 2012 and we found out what you might see today. In a "normal" price range, it‘s hard to find barely anything that would be worth it!“ says Igor Menyhart, founder of the company. „It’s mostly reinforced concrete structures adhering 15 cm of polystyrene, where you experience either unhealthy environments or high bills for electricity, possibly a low standard of housing,“ adds Marian Sirotňák, another founder.

„So it was clear that a good housing must be devised and built from scratch on our own. And that’s how the Live healthy company was created.“



Sales manager
Tel.: +420 605 077 942
E-mail: igorm@bydletezdrave.eu


Sales manager
Tel: +420 773 100 933
E-mail: marians@bydletezdrave.eu


What's different about your houses?

We have many years of experience with administration and selling of real estate, so we knew where to look for quality. We started building high-quality brick houses in Slovakia, which were ecological simply by using healthier materials and construction processes, for a good price and at the same time always adapted to the land and the needs of the owners. We pride ourselves with the fact that our houses are not only healthy, but also energy-efficient and almost maintenance-free.

How specifically do your homes save energy?

In particular, they do not rely on a quantum of technological elements that are expensive both investment-wise and operation-wise. Our houses are heated by underfloor heating – the only technology is the boiler or the recuperator. This in and of itself compresses both acquisition and operational investment. And then, of course, by selecting the right materials, we can minimize the monthly operation costs of the house under 1,000 CZK on average.

And what materials do you mean?

Specifically, we use diffusely open materials that are breathable and that make the house isolated, but breathes at the same time! Therefore, the owners don’t have to deal with moisture or fungus, excessive noise or XYZ. Unlike reinforced concrete structures.

Doesn’t a construction of a brick house take way too long, though?

The construction of our healthy houses is carried out by gluing special foam, which can reduce the construction process to half, unlike other brick houses. In addition, the whole process of gluing with mortar is dropped, while the process would require drying, frequent ventilation and overheating months after moving.

Can you design a house for me?

Of course. We design the house with absolute respect for customer‘s requirements and ideal low-energy standards. So, in order for the house to be likable, it has to be comfortable, durable and cheap to operate. If you already have a project, we can simply adjust it.

Who guarantees the quality of construction?

We’ve been operating in the Czech Republic since 2014, but our workers have 30 years of experience and they’ve already built hundreds of houses. The quality of their work and the implementation of their experiences in practice has absolutely no competition. And then there’s the selection of suppliers. When it comes to the building system, we simply follow Wieneberger, and for the windows, we usually trust a German company Heroal.


Individual construction of brick houses