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Tel: +420 773 100 933

We offer modern technology and quality design

Why should you pay tens of thousands every year? In a low-energy house, you can live economically and also healthier than in a normal house, thanks to our modern technologies. A thorough system of air circulation in a form of recovery ensures that you’ll breathe only fresh air.

Thanks to combination of quality materials and modern technologies, the monthly operating costs can be around 1,000 CZK.

Quality materials + Modern Technology = Low operating costs

We build a diffusely-open brick houses

Houses where you can breathe better and where you don’t have to bother with any redudant humidity. A diffusely-open building also ensures better isolation and much higher comfort.
The term “turn-key” means even more than usually. Yes, we’ll provide you complete construction of your house -- from the first basics to the final completion.
But we’ll also help you choose the right parcel and the right positioning of the house, with the final entry in the register.

Individual construction of brick houses