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Tel: +420 773 100 933

We build your house in a variant Comfort, everything for your comfort

Porotherm 38 T Profi Dryfix

Ground bricks Porotherm 38 T Profiare used for plastered, single-layered bearing and non-bearing walls with thickness of 380 millimetres. They have a very high demands on temperature resistance and thermal accumulation of the wall.

Aluminium triple glass windows

Heroal aluminium window systems heroal combine future thermal isolation with the highest functionality, quality design and excellent system compatibility.

Metallic Rukki roof

Steel is a durable and reliable roof material that can resist exertion caused by climatic influences for decades. It’s a light material which means that it’s quick and easy to install.

Air recovery

Ventilation uses heat-recovery units that provide fresh air in the living space without opening any windows.

Operating costs of the house: from 1 700 Kč/month

The construction runs in these standards:

Gypsum plasters

Gypsum plasters are suitable for the most of classic bases and thanks to their ability to transmit tiny tensions in the base they crack less and don’t crumble down. Gypsum plasters are hypoallergenic and they maintain a natural moisture of your house.

Anhydrite cast floors

The most modern way of making floor constructions. A well-made anhydrite floor is characterized by high strength and it doesn’t contain any cracks or deformations.

Preparing for the fireplace

You can choose an option with fireplace.

Marble window sills

They provide an exclusive feeling for your house and you can expect a long lifespan.


Skylights are a progressive solution that brings diffused daylight to house areas that depend on artificial light, such as bathrooms, hallways, locker rooms or entrance halls.

Individual construction of brick houses