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Tel: +420 773 100 933

About Live Healthy, LLC

We’re here for you when you want a well-built brick house that will provide good living for you and your children.

We’re here you to show youthat building a house is not that scary.

We’ll help you build a house that won’t miss anything.

We’re here for you evenwhen you want a carefree building and when you look for a reliable supplier.

We don’t want to be just some company you hire to build your house.
During the entire project, we want to be your partner to whom you can turn with any questions or requests. Every day, we use years of our experiences to build low-energy homes that are great for living. We work alongside with other partners that are one of the best. We work alongside with other partners that are one of the best.



Sales manager
Tel.: +420 605 077 942
E-mail: igorm@bydletezdrave.eu


Sales manager
Tel: +420 773 100 933
E-mail: marians@bydletezdrave.eu

We’d be happy to ansewer all of your questions and if you like, we can arrange a personal meeting.
Contact us by phone, e-mail or by letter.

Individual construction of brick houses